I know how scary it is to live outside of your comfort zone and play a bigger game.

I want to congratulate you, and let you know that together we will work to make this happen.

Depending on the project level you chose;
Instant Online Impact

  1. Diamond - 1 Full Year + Lifetime access to system
  2. Celebrity - 6 months + Lifetime access to system
  3. Authority - 60 days + Lifetime access to system
  4. Influencer - 30 days + Lifetime access to system

it will determine the pace we need to go. I love the 6 month because we can work page by page, take our time to really get everything just right, and then spend the remainder of our year together on the mastermind and author/speaker/traffic strategies - which are the biggest growth areas.

I understand that sometimes you have to baby step your way in, versus starting with Celebrity.

Here’s the good news though, if you came in at the Influencer and Authority level, you can before the expiry of your program upgrade to the next level if you wish and the amount you paid applies to that purchase.

The key is you have to decide BEFORE your time is up, because once I take the team off your
project, it costs again to get them back on, in time especially. You lose your place in the queue
and any new clients go ahead of you.

The program is divided into main categories.

BONUS GIFT - Membership to FTC Guardian (Federal Trade Commission)

This is the system that allows you to create FTC Compliant forms for your website and any online materials and communications.

To register for your FREE FTC Compliance Forms.
Go here: http://www.ftcguardian.com/sub/1633188
Enter the following password: getprotected

Once you are logged into the system - here is the text menu option you access from within the system Basic Website Legal Compliance Documents.

Sign Up Bonuses

All of these programs include free lifetime access into my program Internet Success Mastery. This takes 6 of the most powerful steps in internet marketing, and provides video training, reviews, ebooks, and more.

You should receive membership access automatically. If this does not arrive contact Dave and he’ll get you set up and send you access.

For those of you in the VIP Gold Program, you have additionally the bonus of Message to Millions Mastery. This is 12 powerful modules that took me 5 years to create. You get lifetime access to this material which covers everything from color selection, outsourcing, speaking to getting on TV.

For those of you in the VIP Platinum Program, you have my live mastermind group where we meet once a month. An email should have arrived about that, because we need you to save the dates for the meetings and register for them in advance so you get notifications from the system. If this has not arrived, be sure to get in touch Dave and he’ll get you set up and send you access. THIS IS A MUST DO NOW ACTION!

Online Internet Training


Password: K5p5tir5n

Message to Millions Mastery


Message to Millions Mastermind (Diamond/Platinum)


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