Life After Launch

Congratulations you have survived and climbed the summit. I wish I could tell you it's all smooth sailing from here on out, but the truth is your work now begins.

If you still have time on your program, keep asking me questions about what you do next, where is your time best spent, what is your next action. Stay in communication with me.

If you encounter technical challenges, and you are still under contract, Dave is your technical team, get in touch with him.

Don't let things slow you down now, you are ready to play the bigger game you were meant to play.

Message to Millions Mastery Program

Your Message to Millions system is 12 of the most powerful modules that I still work in my business. This was 5 years of my business, presented to you in 12 monthly modules, which I still work over and over.

You still have the mastermind program for the duration of your term if you are Platinum, and both Platinum and Gold have access to the mastermind materials for life. It's time to be working these for real.

So even when your year is up in the monthly mastermind meetings, you still have lifetime access to all the materials that will continue to help you grow. These 12 steps I still take my company through year after year and the only thing I have added is massive systems and structure and more staff to grow.

An example of a system is what you see here - an online structure that even though I was doing the work for you - it is capable of moving you through my programs so you aren't always just waiting for me to tell you what's next.

I have gone to different mentors for these specific business elements and if you are ready for systems and structure, then I can make some recommendations given mentors I have used. Make money first though, I operated without this until I had the money to invest.

But first, you should be working the upper level steps in M2M for real.

  • For example, if you want to be a speaker, learn the speaker module cold and apply the steps from it.
  • If you want to get on TV, work that module, create a segment proposal and have me review it.
  • The key here is to NOT forget you have this as a resource and buy more stuff. You have what you need between Internet Success Mastery, Message to Millions, and The Science of Social Media. There will be specific things you may need to invest in of course, but you have enough to consume here for a long time first.

Join QuantumLeapCrew Alumni Program

For those of you on the Diamond, Gold and Platinum program, you have an opportunity to get continued support, access from me, website maintenance, and a high level mastermind where I will be devoting my time once a month to creating with you an action plan to guarantee you move forward and don't get stopped. That's why I recommend you join the QuantumLeapCrew Alumni As Soon As Possible.


Here’s why that program is so important.

  1. Continued support kicks in NOW – but let's say you are only 6 months in on your original program, you will get another year AFTER that one expires. The key is though the continued discounted price may not be what you are presented with. These prices change based on how busy I get, and once you lock in a rate, you keep that rate for as long as you are a member. Can you imagine having me as your yearly mentor, maintaining your website, and a mastermind for this reasonable a cost. It's remarkable when you start to search for alternatives, you will quickly find out how important this is.
  2. What kicks in when you renew RIGHT NOW is 2 AMAZING features;
    • An Advanced high level mastermind where we work just ON YOUR business, your next action for the next 30 days. A full action plan is developed on the call, and you are sent off to work it. Then you check in with me for your progress, and the next call we review and set the next action in place. This leads to QuantumLeaps.
    • We are your continued tech support and marketing team. And we continue to develop your website, add to it, update it, etc. You don’t have to touch your site, we will maintain it and keep the pressure off of you so you can focus on what you do best.

Contact us for pricing as this increases often - so locking in your rate now is important.

You see a website is a living breathing entity. It needs attention constantly. If you have a speaking gig, an appearance, a test, a tweak, a new program, a new event, an expired event, you must update it. Which means if you aren’t staying with us, make sure you hire someone to maintain it, or that you have someone on staff (preferably not you), keeping it updated.

If you are going to maintain it yourself, in your Internet Success Mastery program, Module 2 has WordPress training.

Get an EASY No Brainer Backup System for Your Computer

One of the biggest issues now is underestimating the value of your computer. It is your business, your life, your office. So if it went down, and you didn’t have a backup - it would be tragic. Your email gone, your contacts gone, your projects, graphics, everything gone. Hard drive failure, computer stolen or lost, stuff happens.

I have had it happen to me twice. BEFORE I had this backup system, I was using a ‘hard drive backup’ on location. Problem - it was always a month old no matter how diligent I was trying to be.

AFTER having this system - in under one hour my entire system was restored as of yesterday. LIFE SAVER - because one time I was in London UK, speaking, hard drive crashed, and my presentation - which I just finished the night before - was on it. Got new hard drive - and restored from the backup. OMG - horror had filled me before it was all back.

So for ONLY $50 per year - it automates your back up nightly - for you - and you never have to worry about it - and it’s being taken care of - just in case you need it. Best money I have ever spent in my business.


Get protected now - Start with $5/month

Create a Full Year Plan NOW

Year Plan for Guaranteed Success

Worksheets - link here Spreadsheet - link here  

Get Your Social Media and Lead Gen Done For You

Social media can take a lot of time and skill, and even though you have the entire step by step training for every platform with The Science of Social Media - sometimes your time is better spent closing sales and delivering - the 2 things you can’t farm out easily.

So we have 15 monthly guaranteed services you can select from ranging from Twitter, Facebook ads, Instagram, Linkedin, Blogs, Pinterest, Adwords, Social Media Management and more…

Check it out

Create Your Traffic Plan and Work it Daily

Once your site is up there are only 2 activities you should be spending your time on;

1. Getting traffic, attention, discovery calls, bookings and income generating leads
2. Delivering your program to those that have purchased it

So right now it's traffic time. Traffic comes in many flavors and I'll remind you that you
have a full traffic training program in - as a Gold, Silver, Mastermind, Platinum or Diamond Member  - you have this system. If you need the password just get in touch with us.

This has complete traffic generating details - approximately 26 of them.

Then you create your traffic plan based on the best ones for you.

Here is a traffic plan example -

So every day - 20 minutes a day - booking an interview, submitting to a speaking gig, do social media posts with a purpose, doing a webinar, hosting a blab session, doing a blog post and broadcasting following the formula, doing a video and promote following the formula, etc.

Your success is now up to you. The runway is clear  - you professionally match so anyone that wants to book you or buy something from you it should be easy to do that. Now it's attention, traffic, and conversion time.

Weekly Social Media Planner - Do This Now

Complete step by step planner you learn about and fill in so that you plan for success every step of the way.


The Easy Way to Create Content Like Crazy

Conversion Strategies - Introduction - How to Improve

Now that you have a landing page, emails, guides, programs, social media, blogs, and anything that involves copywriting, the game of test and tweak begins, and it never stops. If your content and pages are converting, great, if not, it’s time to change 1 element at a time, and monitor it. You continue this until it improves to acceptable standards.


Conversion - Email Stats

Conversion - Copywriting Elements

Conversion - Email

Conversion - Copywriting Strategy

Conversion - Landing Page Copy

Conversion - Landing Page Strategy

Conversion - Adding One Time Offers

Conversion - Blogging Copy

Conversion - Blogging Strategies

Conversion - AIDA Formula

Conversion - Strategic Summary

Conversion - Conclusions

Get Published - Be in My Next Book

You know my story - it all started with a book. When I realized the difference being a Bestselling Author was to my credibility, authority, getting speaking gigs and getting on TV, I knew I had encountered a game changing element.

Here is what a book is - the world's greatest business card and a way for you to stand above the crowd.

Here is what it isn't - a direct money maker

What I mean by that is I have never made money from my books (and I'm a 7 Time #1 International Bestselling author in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Brazil, Germany and more)

However, because of the book - I have made millions.

So if you want the easy way to being in a book, and becoming a bestselling author (because people pay me anywhere from $12,500 to $25,000) for a bestseller book campaign, then join me in my next book project where I will be taking 11 other authors to bestseller status - and you can be one of them.

Find out more here >> QLA logo

Build a 6 and 7 Figure Business

Over 40 videos walking you through mindset, planning, finance, leadership, staff, business plan, vision setting, delivery, challenges, attitude and more.

Go to the System

Install Downtime Monitoring for Your Website

Now that your site is a major piece of your marketing, it’s time to Monitor Your Site Down Time.

There is a free system that will send you notification when your site goes down and when it goes back up.

Because the system is free it’s often after the fact - which means it goes down and tells you when it’s back up. This is still good information to have though for the following reasons;

1. You can track how reliable your servers are
2. You can contact your hosting provider and ask them why you went down. Most providers state they have
99.9% uptime. So something you can see for yourself if true.
3. You can decide based on the importance of the site whether you need to go to something extremely
reliable. For most people it’s not critical - for anyone who is selling something online - especially is active
doing campaigns and promotions - down time = money lost.

Go here and open up your free account and select web domains for it to monitor.

You will get emails that look like this automatically

Every quarter you can add up the down time and determine if there was a chance of lost sales, clients, opportunities etc. Then determine if you need to go all in on your website hosting. 99% of you will be fine with the downtime - but if one lost sale is more than $61 per month - that is when you need to upgrade.

If you need crazy reliable - here is who we use. We usually don’t recommend them simply because they are $61 per month and most other hosting providers are $100 for the year, but when down time is money, and one lost sale could equal the fee - then it’s time to get the best. This is who we use.

You will see lots of information about Dedicated Servers. This is really expensive.
You just need this ‘High Performance Managed VPS Servers’
Select Products - VPS Overview - the 1 GB option unless 2GB is on sale.

Protect Your Website

This is optional, but something to consider. WordPress and almost every other site out there is prone to attacks. It’s the nature of the internet. If someone wants in, in most cases they can get in. The more popular you get, the more you are exposed.

You may recall I had almost 400 sites hacked, 3 of them major - in that they were membership sites so clients were unhappy and money was being lost. The rebuild time was beyond significant for the sites, and for the membership sites we had to do a full rebuild. This cost us a fortune in time and money.

Had we had this tool - it may not have happened or if it did - we would have been up faster.

You just need the Basic package.

So here is what we use - up to you if you want to add this to your site. It only protects one site - I use it on my master

When you use a service like this, a certificate displays and let’s other people and buyers know your site is safe and secure.



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