Once again I want to congratulate you, and let you know that together we will work to make this happen.

Depending on the project level you chose will determine the pace we need to go:

  1. IOI Celebrity - 6 months of consulting - - lifetime access to materials
  2. IOI Authority - 60 days for consulting - lifetime access to materials
  3. IOI QuantumLeap - Brand and Landing Page - Mastermind - 60 days for consulting - lifetime access to materials
  4. IOI Mastermind - 1 year live mastermind - lifetime access to materials
  5. IOI Influencer - Brand and Landing Page - 30 days for consulting - lifetime access to materials

I love the year long because we can work page by page, take our time to really get everything just right, and then spend the remainder of our year together on the mastermind and author/speaker/traffic strategies - which are the biggest growth areas.

There are a lot of moving parts that we will be working together intimately on, so to make this go as smoothly as possible - follow these and all future steps explicitly.

Please Note: ANY ORANGE BARS - you must do these before proceeding to the next steps. 

Welcome Documentation

To get started download this document and read in its entirety. This will help you with how this project unfolds, what to expect (so you don’t start to panic when you don’t need to), and what you need to do.

Not everything is listed below, which is why you also need to print and read the document.

Download Welcome Button

Watch Welcome Video



Sign Off the Welcome Documentation

You are now getting into the habit of moving yourself through the system, seeing what is required from you, and any orange bar items, knowing you need to click and sign them off.

This one indicates that you have read the welcome document, you understand the terms of our relationship, and you can see where we are going, and how to use the system.

First You Must Breathe

Okay now I need you to do 3 things;

  1. Breathe - and this might sound crazy but I can tell you from experience most people that come to me at this point are exhausted, hard working entrepreneurs, controlling everything, managing everything, creating everything and they look like thisunnamed (6)
    I need you to stop for 5 whole minutes - and just breathe. Not download more data for you to do. Not create and solve a problem. Just breathe. Because I have a message for you that you need to hear. I need you to trust me and let me stop the whole boat for a minute.


    Here's why - you have been running so long, so hard, so fast, that I need you to just be still so that I can look at where you are right now - look at where you want to go - and let me simplify the path that will get you there.

    You see - most that come to me have tons of programs, launches, events, production, production, production - creation machines - and believe it or not I have to stop the cycle - look at what you have - and focus your direction and attention on whatever is going to get you the biggest results, the fastest.

    This means what should you be working on that will make the cash register ring.

    Most people are taught that content is king so create content, get it out there, do an event, another, another, wait create a program or service for market A and B and C and don't forget about D - and this leads to exhaustion.

    How do I know - I walked this path. I had content (still do) that could stretch the planet, I have products, programs, and more than I could ever promote. I have a 1000 hours of video production. And I had to breathe and pull it all back in.

    It's why I do this with you - it is the greatest gift EVER when you simplify your offerings because this simplifies your life.

    My whole brand is 3 major things now - you can choose Instant Online Impact - Silver, Gold and Platinum.

    Trust me - it wasn't always this easy for you to understand and for me to deliver.

  2. Let me stop the frenzy The first thing I do usually is stop production. Unless you are brand new, most people have ALL the content they need, the programs they can deliver and the services people need. It is now a question of
    Distressed Girl Holding Her Headpackaging, pricing, simplifying and streamlining.


    So here is what usually happens, you purchase, you want the call, you want to get it going right now, forget about your research let's just begin and get on the call. You send me everything you own, in mass quantities your creations arrive. You want me to untangle all the knots in the first week.

    It took you months if not years to create those knots, and they are now like the Christmas light ball - somewhere in there is a logical stream of consciousness that I need to get to.

    And so in the beginning you may get frustrated with me because I'm not moving fast enough.

    The key here is to understand I'm not jumping on your train, and trying to figure it out while in motion.

    Here's why - because if we go too far forward - we may miss the answers that are at the beginning.

    It's often the reason you ended up down the track - without a trail.

    So I am moving fast - only you won't see it. I'm creating a file of you, a record of your assets, I'm gathering your websites, your online links, your programs, and evaluating them so I can see that if I just came across you - with no knowledge at all - where do I get confused, overwhelmed, and want to not do business with you.

    This will help me know what I have to fix, simplify, streamline, and make very clear.

    I am playing the dumbest visitor - and trying to see if I know what you do.

    If I don't - I hash through your stuff until I see a common thread - and then I string it along that.

    Then I know how to systemize, structure and streamline.

    Then I know how to create, connect and convert.

    So trust me when I say, lots is going on, but it's not with you. This is your time to breathe while
    I figure out how to build your online vision to optimize your results.


  3. Let me take over
    Hand releasing exotic butterflies.Last but not least, I get you were on a path - and you are strong, independent, and know what you are doing. You may feel like you just needed a technician to do the things you tell them.


    I want you to let go - release control - and see if you give me enough rope - if I could create a bridge so simple that your prospect sees it, wants it, walks to it, over it and reaches you - the answer they have been searching for but couldn't find.

    If I let you keep the reigns, we could drive right past the pot of gold, because I have a knack of seeing the money you are leaving on the table - but I can't do that if I'm being led around like a puppy dog. And I want to break you of this habit. You have it because it is a survival mechanism. Another thing I know a lot about. You have HAD to lead because when you don't - it doesn't get DONE. Am I right?

    I promise you, it will get done, faster if you let me help you.

    So are you ready to begin? Good. Then BREATHE!!!!


If you get sick, a family member gets sick, you drop off the planet for a while because something happened, or generally you got overwhelmed with work, life, whatever - just let me know - we will pause the project - and pick it back up when you are ready. The only piece that doesn’t get extended is my consulting time with you. That gets set based on start date and when it runs out it runs out.


But your websites will be delivered, and you will be in communication with me over the content, placement, etc. It just doesn’t include if that time has expired with me reviewing your new marketing materials, a product name you thought of, evaluating an opportunity you received, anything where I have to think and address a specific issue just for you that is not website related.

You of course are welcome to share whatever you need on the private forum and I’m sure there will be a lot of receptive helpers.

So your websites will be delivered come rain or shine.image2The ONLY way they won’t be delivered - is if you walk away and give up. I have only had 1 client do this and actually stop me from delivering the website I made for them. It’s a horrible feeling after all that effort went into design, after they paid, after I paid my team, and after all the time spent emailing back and forth.

So you may be asking why would this ever happen - the answer is self sabotage. It’s the only thing that makes you do that. So if you EVER feel like that is happening, reach out to one of the many capable people in the private forum and get a session from them. Fear of Success is real.



I bring this up because often after a purchase of this nature you want to change your mind, panic, get fearful, worry you made the wrong decision, get stressed over the process, feel overwhelmed by the amount of data you now need to get together, realize it’s the wrong time for you, you found a better cheaper option you know now will work, or you need to get your money back because your tax bill came in and it was more than you expected, so you are going to wait until life is perfectly aligned with mercury in retrograde to cast seashells on your optimum time of expansion.

Because do you know what kills progress - OPTIONS.image3

I’m not kidding you - when you have the OPTION to cancel, bow out, walk away, give up, surrender, throw in the towel, take the 5 count, and tap out - any ounce of self doubt, lack of confidence, surrounding vampires, dream stealers and wet blankets will convince you that THAT is the right thing to do.

And the option of being able to do it - will allow you to walk away from the best decision you made.

So I am here to take that option away for your own good, tell you I am here no matter what, and that together your vision will be built with your best interest always in mind.

When you are faced with no option but to move forward and succeed - guess what - YOU WILL!!

Here’s the final reason why I won’t let you quit EVER!

Your gut/connection/source/spirit guide - YOU said go - and you did. The minute you book me to be this big a part of your life, I start. My mind is already seeking your solution, aligning you with people that will help you leverage your skills, and I immediately pay money to my design and development team to get you in the queue.

And if you were referred to me by someone else, they will have received their partner commission.


You chose me to be your guardian on this part of your journey - and it’s my spiritual obligation to get you to where you want to go. So with this OPTION of failure thoroughly removed...

I want you to take a deep breath, and know that I am here for you, and you choose wisely.

All you have to be now, is coachable. Listen - apply - and follow the path it took me 30 years to construct - and make it easy for yourself.


Destroyers of Success

Now your success is virtually guaranteed - as we have removed the option of failure, and made you aware of the internal mind chatter that can destroy your dreams, and prevent you from achieving your purpose and mission in life.

But there are 3 remaining demons that can destroy this project and your success - and I have encountered all of them.

1. Friends and family

image5Spouses, friends and family can be well meaning, and trying to look out for your best interest, or be frustrated because you keep trying things that don’t work.

Here is what you have to understand - this isn’t about them - this is about you - your life’s purpose, mission and duty to achieve what you were put on this planet to achieve.

And you will make mistakes, go down wrong paths, pick poorly, fail, abort, quit, and every other thing that a human being can do. So give yourself a break, and know that as long as you keep trying, keep moving forward, and keep seeking the guidance you need for your next steps - you will ALWAYS SUCCEED.

Failure is dropping your dreams and settling for a life of mediocrity.

You were put here to do extraordinary things, and if I’m the only one that believes that for now - then latch on to my belief because it will have to be enough for the both of us when you are tried and/or terrorized by life.

2. Conflicting opinions

image6This one is the biggest killer there is. You have 5 people telling you a landing page should look like this, and this new tool is better than that one, and if you did this it would work much better and the list of poor advice out there is endless.

There are 2 primary areas here:

1. Forums, peer groups and masterminds you belong to

What they are saying might be well meaning, and sometimes it’s not - there are people out there who do not want you to succeed. They will throw every wrench they can in your machinery because misery loves company. DO NOT open your project up during the birthing stage to committee. It will stall the project at every turn. Along with me, be your own council.

2. Other mentors

Most of us have many mentors - and if you only have me - YEAH!! this makes my job so much easier. But if you do have more than one - and I do - I have 4 mentors at a time for different things in my life - is don’t ask for confirmation about what I’m telling you, or vice versa. It will wreck you on who to believe. Be respectful of each mentor and let them guide you the best they can with their area of expertise.

You are at a very tenuous place in your development - you are about to rebirth - and this is the area where most ideas die - before they launch - because there are people out there whose job it is - sometimes including you - to hinder your progress.

So keep the mentors separate.

3. Perfectionism and Ego

Sweet mother of all success killers, the biggest can be perfectionism. This is something you will need to work on, but for this project, let go of controlling every iota of everything. I’ve got your back so you can relax.

Give me enough space to do what I do best, then test and tweak afterwards - that is fine. If you change the formula mid stream - I have no idea if what we are doing will work.

It might, and that would make me very happy, but if you want me to perform at my best, let me guide you. I know you are divinely connected, you get your answers from the highest source, but sometimes they may be a bit ahead of themselves and we need to get a stable foundation in place first - one that is proven to work.

Then in future revisions you can do whatever you want.

Here is my alternative though:

image7If you insist even after I have said why it should be this way - ultimately the customer is always right - and I will build whatever you want. I will simply take your orders, and be your technician and be okay with that.

As long as you know, and I will tell you - that this is what we are about to do.


And you could be 110% correct if it’s a direct download of the next biggest breakthrough if we do it this way - awesome. I am all in - your way. 

But be sure there is no ego, or perfectionism in your way - because that is a deadly dream stealer designed to test you in ways that can literally drive you crazy.

Connect to Private Facebook Community

Our Facebook Button


(just a few new Platinum members from a prior event)

(just a few new Platinum members from a prior event)

This is one of my most coveted sanctuaries and I share it with you. It is the first place I go every day, to see if you need anything, if you shared your successes, added encouragement to someone’s day, had a question or simply clicked like and commented on everything.

Showing up here - means showing up for your success.

This area is a GOLDMINE of resources. The clients I attract (like you), are experts in their field and combined we can conquer any problem, help launch each other, cleanse each other, feed each other, encourage, and create together.

It’s also the only place I post new trainings, teachings and insights I have learned. You have this for LIFE!

It is YOUR sanctuary - where what you share here - STAYS HERE! Use it EVERY DAY!!

How the Relationship Works

There are many ways a mentor offers their time, and it’s usually very specific.

Here is why it has to be this way - and is something for you to be thinking about when you are crafting your program - and that is how does access work.

For example - I have one mentor - I never got to access. It was done in a $24,000 mastermind, we could ask questions directly once a month, and that was it. The rest was events, materials, masterminding with our peers. Nothing wrong with that, that was their way.

Here is how another mentor is with me - I can phone him - but NEVER send an email. For him, email are the disruption. However, I have to schedule the call, and that can take months.

Here’s my way so it’s very clear for you:


  1. You get 1 phone call - the very specific Online Clarity Cleanse call. No additional calls unless you want to pay for them and you can do this. They are $500 an hour - which is 1/2 my normal rate. When you need to work out something really specific, they are a good option.
  2. We don’t meet for coffee, meet at your place, my place, and have a session (unless it’s in leu of the call and my research - but these have to be specifically arranged and agreed on)These type of live meetings can be booked.They are called VIP Days.You can find those rates here: http://tracyrepchuk.com/going-4-it/vip-days/
  3. We communicate via emailDespite the fact that it is a disruptive and constant barrage of communication - it is time consuming for me to answer emails the way I do - this is the way that works for me.I travel extensively, am with my family a lot, or doing my own spiritual development which requires me to be sequestered for daily periods of time - so the way I can run my coaching practice is emails.For your coaching practice, you are going to choose what fits best for you - live events, weekend gatherings, phone calls, skype chats, this is up to you.

    So you can email as much as you want during your time with me. All that I ask is that you ask ONE question per email - make the subject line specific to that question - and you allow 24-48 hours for a response. I will tell you my average response is 15 minutes - but I don’t want to guarantee that because if you catch me when I am with another client, on a VIP day, speaking at an event, on training of my own, etc - there could be a gap.

    That gap will never be longer than 48 hours and if it is - I didn’t get it.

    For us to know we each got it - even if I can’t answer it that minute - I will say Got it. I need you to do the same - so that I don’t think you have it - and are busy- and then 3 days later you say why didn’t you reply yet. Fair?

    So always reply with a GOT IT 🙂

  4. My hours are M-Friday 9-5pm Pacific.
    If I answer before or after or on weekends and holidays - please be grateful of that dedication - don’t come to expect it.
  5. ONLY Diamond clients get my cell phone number for calling and text. If I do give it to you - please note this is for EMERGENCY purposes when it’s urgent I get in touch with you. And even then, it is NOT part of the project I reply faster than 24 hours - so please be grateful if I drop my life and jump to serve you.
  6. Skype chat Instructions.
    I like Skype chat as it allows me to trace a communication. However it does not mean when you Skype chat me - I will reply instantly. I will treat like an email - batch them when I am doing my emails - and reply at a given time in the day.

    Otherwise I would get no work done, and have to triple my rates to be sitting there 24/7 answering texts, skypes, emails, the phone and any other way you can connect to me - including social media.

    I am the most responsive mentor I have ever met, at my skill level. You will get newcomers eager to please, but I have been in this business 30 years, and am a world-renown speaker and award winning entrepreneur. I don’t say this to brag, I say this to please appreciate how I can keep my rates to what they are - is by you abiding by these communication methods, and not get frustrated if you have to wait 24 hours. In the world of what I am doing for you over the course of a year, it is not life or death.

    And if it is life or death - text me and I’ll jump.


Fast Money

image8You may or may not be thinking about this yet, but I want you to know about it.

You can make fast money by referring and recommending me to your friends, associates, list, social media community etc.

As a client, you will have been assigned the status of JV Partner. To activate this go to: www.JVWithTracy.com Register and get your affiliate ID - pick the program you wish to mention or promote, and you get paid for sales we close.

Once registered - go to: www.JVAccess.com to go and get materials for promotion.

If you simply want to send an email to me and another introducing us to each other - without the affiliate mumbo jumbo, that’s fine too. I can track where it came from, and pay you accordingly.

Also - for affiliate assistance, Dave is always available for you. He will help you write an email, make recommendations, etc. Just call him at 818.859.7210 or email him at Dave@InnerSurf.com




After you have registered to become a recommender - fill this form out called a W9 and send it in to our office. This gives us the ability to pay out your commissions, because at the end of the year we need to submit a document for tax purposes to you. We cannot make a payment to you until this form is in, so do it now, and then your payments will arrive on time.

Fill out W9 and scan and email to Dave@innersurf.ws - http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf

If you need help: Video Instruction on how to fill it out

How the Project Proceeds

You know my story, I am logical, sequential, and will keep you on a project path, for your sake, my sake, and my teams sake.

So each project has 3 or 4 phases depending on which level you are on.image10

Blue, Yellow and Purple are what I work on. Green is what I need from you, so that I can also work on it.

Phase 1 - Begins with an Online Clarity Call

This is where I will research all the answers for you on what you need for brand, USP, direction, look, layout, domain, etc. Many have already had it, so we go straight to phase 2.

Click here to fill out the questionnaire

Fill Out Client Button





Phase 2 - Logo Development

img3The logo is the lynch pin of the project because NOTHING can happen until this has completed. We create the colors for ALL future sites based on the logo. The key here is speed, and not getting too caught in the minutia. It’s important, but not more important than starting to funnel people into the landing page. That is the cornerstone of your new business.

I create the logo - and will be sending you a version for review. This process can go fast, if you generally go with my guidance, or can stall the project for months, if you are waiting for perfection. My advice is to bring up any concerns, suggestions or questions you have, but to trust the process and let go of control where necessary.

The most important part of this isn’t the logo - it’s getting you up quickly so you can start to recoup the costs of your investment - agreed?

Logo Button




Phase 3 - Landing Page Creation

image12This page has an exact formula that we will follow. As you see your project unfold you will see the flavor of this site determines your guide title, your signature talk title, the type of client you will attract, and serve as the first impression you make potential clients. This page is the catalyst to your automated earning potential.

You can get more details about this option in it’s own section.

Landing Page Button






Phase 4 - Branded Site Creation


Once you have YOUR fast cash funnel in place, the master branded site is built so you professionally match, rise above the competition and reach millions with your message. This site is designed to build your credibility, profile your authority, and impress you as the speaker, author, coach, mentor, healer or business you are.

You can get more details about this option in it’s own section

Branded Site Button




Online Clarity Cleanse

If you have NOT done an Online Clarity Cleanse Call

I will do the necessary research (about 2 weeks) and then schedule the call.

If you have done an Online Clarity Cleanse Call - I am now on the logo development stage - so what should you be doing....

Sign off OCC Call Direction

You have been presented with your options from my research to get you the best results the market place can offer, given your objectives and immediate needs.

Before I start running in that direction, I need to know you are on board, and happy with it - as I will start creating the logo once you sign off on what I will be developing.

Instructions for Sending in Emails

Email Subject Line - IOI -

Try to put in the subject line IOI - this allows me to quickly locate all project emails quickly so I handle them first. Remember I get thousands of emails to my personal account every day so it can get lost in the sorting process and cause delays.

One of the biggest issues that occurs is you send in an document with images - ie. word file with your images for your bio page. The issue is we can’t get those images out. Word processors embed them making it impossible to get them. So when you send a document - which is great so I can see what it looks like - you must also send ALL graphic images that are in the document as individual attachments as well.

Got Questions?


EMAIL ME - remember do not stay stuck and get frustrated - any marketing questions email me - Tracy@TracyRepchuk.com

Then remember send me an email with ANYTHING you need, and keep it to one question per email, or they take me a long time to reply to if I have a big one hour sit down type of email to digest.

Any godaddy/autoresponder/domain name/technical questions - get in touch with Dave by calling 818.859.7210 or emailing him at Dave@Innersurf.com

Before You Leave This Step

In fact - email me right now at Tracy@TracyRepchuk.com and say I have read the steps and watched the welcome video - you will get a GOT IT back from me - so I know we are in email communication.

Then remember send me an email with ANYTHING you need, and keep it to one question per email, or they take me a long time to reply to if I have a big one hour sit down type of email to digest.

Data We Need From You

We need to get access to your hosting provider, domain purchases, autoresponder and wordpress site.
Fill out this form with as much information as you can so we can start to get familiar with where your stuff is located, what you have, and where we will do the installation of your new sites.

Next Step

It’s Time For Your First Steps - Follow on the Site

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